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Nation-State Formation in Belarus in 1918-1920s

Genealogical records at the State Archives of Brest Region

List of administrative units with the time periods for which genealogical records are available

Grodno Province (gubernia)

Minsk Province (gubernia)

Bialystok Voevodstvo


Lublin Voevodstvo


Novogrudok Voevodstvo


Polesie Voevodstvo


Volyn Voevodstvo

Brest Region (Oblast) 1939 - 1941, see below

Baranovichi Okrug*

Districts (raions):

Brest Okrug*

Districts (raions):

Pinsk Okrug*


Brest Region

Districts (raions):

Note: *The administrative division of Belarus during the German Occupation

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17 September 2018
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Archival news
22 October 2018
Director of the Department for Archives and Records Management Viktor Kurash had a working visit to Brest Region More >>
22 October 2018
The final stage of the republic-level contest “The Best Archivist of Belarus” was held at the State Archives of Brest Region More >>
17 October 2018
A source guide “Monuments of Law in Belarus in the 14th-16th Centuries: Regional Charters of Privilege” has been released More >>
16 October 2018
The Local State Archives in Kobrin holds an exhibition of archival documents and photographs to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Archives More >>
12 October 2018
Meeting with Mr Piotr Dymmel, Director of the State Archives in Lublin, Poland More >>